#ADA25: At the Intersection of Race & Disability

ADA25-Logo-Horizontal.aiThe first episode of Intersections Radio focused entirely on issues concerning people of color with disabilities. This is the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990). This is a civil rights law which prohibits discrimination based on disability. Additionally, this law covers reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities and imposes accessibility requirements on public accommodations. And in fact, it was the Illinois Deaf Latino community and the Deaf South Asian Community of Washington DC that inspired me to pursue the field of interpreting. The ADA directly affects my job and their lives.

For this first episode, I was lucky enough to interview some superstars in the field:

  • Rooshey Hasnain, a scholar in Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also the director of ADOPT. Check out the interview!
  • Leroy Moore of Krip-Hop Nation and columnist for Poor Magazine. He’s spoken out on the mistreatment of police toward people with disabilities for many years. Check out the interview!
  • Alice Wong, founder and coordinator of the Disability Visibility Project and a 2015 Making Contact Radio fellow! Check out the interview!
  • Zara Husain, director of the Lahore School for Speech and Language and a PhD candidate at Columbia University. Her story was a part of a collection of Deaf South Asian American narratives and is a part of the South Asian American Digital Archive collection. For this episode, Sweta Suryanarayanan provided voiceover. You can see the original video and listen to the podcast here.

Check out the full episode of the inaugural broadcast of Intersections Radio on KBOO Community Radio!

You can read a transcript of the full episode: 070315IntersectionsTranscript.odt

**Intersections Radio airs at a new time: First Fridays from 11-11:30 am on KBOO! Tune in at 90.7 FM or stream live at kboo.fm

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